Monday, May 25, 2009

I Have A Good Feeling...

Firstly, I would like to wish everybody in the United States a happy Memorial Day. It is our soldiers who keep our world safe. But back to the strange title of this article, after watching the tears that were shed after Newcastle's loss by the many Newcastle fans at Villa Park and by the players who I'm sorry to say didn't really look like they put up a fight yesterday, I actually have an alright feeling that we went down this year. I guess we sort of deserve it seeing that Jonas Gutierrez didn't start, and youngster David Edgar did on the last day of the season .One positive note is that Damien Duff has vowed to stay at Newcastle next season. Another thing that kept me from feeling too upset yesterday was that after the game, when of the commentators said "And Newcastle will be playing against the likes of Blackpool, Peterbrough, and and Plymouth Argyle." Thanks to all the lads for at least getting a shot off in yesterday's game =:). See you in the championship next year!!! And of course, it was all fun and games for Mike Ashley watching his team be relegated.

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