Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Mersyside Derby

As I sit here and I watch the match between Everton and Liverpool, I hear the crowd chanting, I see the players fighting for the ball, and I see referees being bombarded when they don't make the right calls, which has made me think, is anything in the Premiership better than the Merseyside Derby? You see players like Gerrard, Torres, Yakubu, Arteta, Cahill, Howard, and Reina, battling it out for the right to be crowned the kings of Merseyside. The play is usually very sloppy, but it is absolutely great football to watch. In the league, Everton and Liverpool have played 177 times, Liverpool winning 66 times, Everton winning 55 times, and 55 times, the two teams have played to a draw. So, Liverpool has had the better of Everton, but the past couple seasons the games have been back and forth. When you're watching the Merseyside Derby today, think to yourself, is there anything better than this?

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